Algorithmic Bias in Education

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Empirical Evidence for Algorithmic Bias in Education: The Wiki

This Wiki summarizes the current peer-reviewed published evidence surrounding Algorithmic Bias in Education: which groups are impacted, and in which contexts.

For a relatively recent review on this topic, see Baker, R.S., Hawn, M.A. (in press) Algorithmic Bias in Education. To appear in International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Education (pdf)

Note: Within this Wiki, we recommend that page editors use the group labels originally used within the publications being cited, to best represent the articles included here. We also request that each page center the members of the group the page is about.

This wiki can be cited as Penn Center for Learning Analytics (*current year*) Empircal Evidence for Algorithmic Bias in Education: The Wiki. Philadelphia, PA: Penn Center for Learning Analytics. Retrieved *current date* from

By Group Impacted

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